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GAS2DRIVE - produce your own fuel and use it for your vehicles


Upgrading unit GAS2DRIVE turns biogas into biomethane that could be easily used as fuel for natural gas vehicles, e.g. on farms, waste water treatment plants or sewage sludge where source of biogas is available

Unit with dimensions of 3 x 4 meters connected to the existing biogas production facility without any additional adjustment of current procedures uses 45 m3/h of raw biogas for biomethan with 95% CH4.content.

Within the process it removes CO2, H2S, H2O, etc., offgas is led back to the main flow of biogas (no losses). Unit consists of membrane modules and compressors with gas sstorage of 2560 l. Total energy consumption is 18 kW/h.

Unit is protected by intellectual property.





GAS2DRIVE - small upgrading unit

Turn your biogas into biomethane

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