About us

Since 1993 ECO trend s.r.o. has been consulting and doing research on trends in sustainable development and new environmentally friendly technologies. ECO trend has offices in Prague, Budweis and Brno in the Czech Republic, perfectly located in the center of Europe and adjacent to Europe´s largest economy, Germany.

Our main interests are:

  • Sustainable (and greener) transportation - electric vehicles and related infrastructure development
  • Assistance with company foundation, factory location, set up, staffing and help with language, business, bureaucratic and cultural issues of locating factories or companies in the Czech Republic
  • Supporting foreign investment in the Czech Republic
  • Encouraging innovative, environmentally friendly enterprise
  • Use of renewable sources of energy and energy conservation, economic and practical assessment of renewables.
  • Environmental management, analyzing the life cycle of products and environmental declaration about products in compliance with legal requirements (LCA); economic analyses of green (and other) technologies and planning optimal recycling and waste disposal.

We offer services all over the Czech Republic as well as internationally, participating in collaborative projects funded by the European Union. Our company holds ISO 9001:2001 and ISO 14001:2005 certifications for all of our activities.

ECO trend has recently spun-off a research division into a separate company: ECO Trend Research Centre. We seek to catalyze new environmentally sustainable development, knowledge and inspiration for the Czech Republic, the European Union and beyond. We collaborate in this area with many research institutions and universities (e.g. the Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, the Czech Biogas Association, the Research Institute of Agricultural Technology…).

Locating facilities in a non-English speaking country can seem daunting even though potentially quite profitable. There are language as well as cultural and bureaucratic barriers to navigate. ECO trend has a multi-lingual (English, German and Czech) team of experts and researchers prepared to not only find solutions to problems but to make pro-active proposals towards enhancing their clients´ success of their clients. They have the know-how and contacts to work through challenges in the fields of green energy, transportation and environmental systems.



GAS2DRIVE - small upgrading unit

Turn your biogas into biomethane

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